Sunday, June 13, 2010

lip stains

my lips are kind of pigmented. in a really unattractive way that makes my lips appear smaller. i like to hide this malfunction with cosmetics, particularly ones that won't travel to my chin or teeth. this rules out sheer lip glosses and most lipsticks, which leaves me with lip stains.

lip stains have become really popular and seemingly every cosmetic company has jumped on the bandwagon in releasing their own version. revlon just bitten, vincent longo lip & cheek, cover girl outlast, givenchy printed lips, mac tinted lip markers, urban decay lip envy, stila crush, benefit benetint/posietint, laura mercier, nars, the list goes on!

i have tried a bunch and i really like revlon's just bitten because they come in four varied colors, they smell good, you can see how much product you have left, and they don't dry out because they aren't in marker form.

benefit's stains are too drying for lips and they don't really show up. and carrying around a huge nail polish sized bottle around seems inappropriate. and benetint smells like roses, which is nice, but not for my lips.

i have yet to try givenchy, mac, and stila, and probably won't because they are markers and my experience with cover girl has put me off this form of lip stain as they tend to dry up.

lust: nars color wash in pussycat

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