Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 international beauty finds

1. biafine ointment. available in french and italian pharmacies, it's a savior for sunburned skin.

2. bioderma crealine h2o makeup remover from france. found backstage at every fashion show. it's a super-gentle makeup remover that feels just like water on the skin. and it doesn't leave your skin 
stripped or greasy.

3. cytol-nat centella cream. a french staple for redness and sensitive skin. you can use it on the face and body.

centella cream

4. flavo-c serum. a superb skin-smoothing serum also from france.

5. homeoplasmine ointment from france. it’s like ea 8-hour cream (great for glossing eyelids and lips), but a tube costs less than 2 euros.

6. hot pink cotton swabs. you can get black cotton swabs in every family mart in tokyo (japan’s version of 7-eleven), but these over-the-top pink ones are found in tokyu hands department store in 

pink swabs

7. pantene black sesame shampoo and conditioner from japan. the black sesame gives dark hair extra shine.

8. crème benamôr from portugal. a favorite of portugal's queen d. amelia, this light formula was first made in the 1920s, and the draw is in the pretty packaging as much as it is in the ultra-light formula.

9. bulgari uv gem spf 50 from italy. an incredibly light sunblock for the face that leaves skin with an even matte finish.

10. lucas’ papaw ointment. it's great for scrapes, skin irritations, and as a nourishing lip balm.

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