Friday, May 13, 2011

all about hair

my hair is growing out. i grew out my bangs, they are long layers now. i dyed it three years ago, it is pretty much grown out. thinking about dying it again, but it is good condition. get it trimmed about every three months. long layers. wavy and thick in texture, but since it is heavy and long, tends to fall flat at roots. trying to wash it every other day to every three days. rarely brush or comb hair, wet or dry. usually wear it braided while sleeping.
  • shampoo
    • l'oreal eversleek intense smoothing -- sulfate, paraben, and silicone-free. found in drugstores. affordable. actually like the fragrance. does not leave my hair flat! love it so far.
  • conditioner
    • terax crema -- expensive, but totally worth it. silicone, paraben-free, of course no sulfates in conditioner.
  • dry shampoo
    • dislike the tresseme dry and waterless shampoo. leaves my hair with a dirty film. smell is okay. doesn't leave my hair feeling clean. 
    • like the got2b dry shampoo. smell nice. no film. left hair itchy and flaky and greasy the following day
    • have both osis dust-it and got2b powder'ful for root volume.
    • the suave dry shampoo clogged after one use! never re-purchased.
    • might try ojon, wanted to try the new john frieda volumizer but read mixed reviews and it is just corn starch.
  • leave-in conditioner
    • giovanni direct leave-in is organic. doesn't weigh hair down. found at target.
  • brush
    • wanted a mason pearson, but got a small sonia kashuk instead. seems fine, maybe should have gotten the big one.
    • have a teasing brush.
    • have a teasing comb.
    • wide-tooth comb for combing wet hair.
  • styling products 
    • suave professionals volumizing mousse! smells good. doesn't clog. 
    • suave volumizing root boost spray. same line, same smell. cheap. found at wal-mart.
    • need to get aveda brilliant damage control (silicone-free heat treatment)
  • hair accessories (obsessed with, but rarely wear)
    • goody spin pins
    • goody kirby grips
    • scunci design weaver
    • goody bun maker
    • scunci perfect pony tail
    • bump its
    • headbands
    • ornamental kirby grips

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